Lirik Lagu Uberka Few Years Ago

Here I go on empty road
Spare my time and turning stuck
On this life
And I try to blew it away

All a tree and green grass see
How much I want you in here
We will spent
Every single time I pray

Few years ago you asked me why
You pick on me, at New Years Eve
Those questions are st ill in my head
And answers getting make blushed me away
Made me ashamed
My heart so warm and sheepishly
Dear i proud to have you here (in my heart)

Now I ask, would you come, on December
Bring your grain bread like old time we share
We will go where ever you want
I promise to serve you as my queen, dear
How much want you to come

Such the leafs they fall when autumn comes
Never change this feelin' for you
Its still only you inside here (it never changes)

Be well don't you sad cause my arms here
I'll carry you trough the dreams
As we imagined view last years
Together we believe

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Uberka

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