Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead Kuta Rock City

Getting' dressed and getting' drunk, make some noise don't left behind

And the scars around your back

Never sleep and never fall, we are young and we are free

So we sing it loud and clear

Like a rocket like a bomb, do we have to take it slow

And then here we are again

Tequila blast and Cadillac girls

With the music swingin' (really0 hard

In Kuta Rock City, where the evil dance

Kuta Rock City, where the hero dies

Kuta Rock City, where's all my cash?

Kuta Rock City, please don't break my heart again!

It is late and getting' hot, with the engine runnin' fast

Story of suburban trash

Against everything you know, like a rebel with a gun

No time for society

Recognize and realize, move bit just a little fast

And then here we are again...

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Superman Is Dead

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