Lirik Lagu Superman Is Dead Broken Guidance

So you?ve ever heard the stories?.
There?s no reason of being blind
I begin to setup my worries
Should be left until you?re right

No one will catch you
Someone hunts your needs
Many good signs can advise you through the timeline

Greater range of explanation
Too many lies that come to mind
Pretty doubt on destination
It makes sense to start the night

No one will steer you
I?ll be on your wings
Facing down to heal the broken guidance of us
And start a new light

There is way much to forget you
Than standing here to get to know you
All the great day?s gonna make it go away

Flying down to set the guidance
It?s too late to leave the wrong way
Many saviors know the silent word then make it lost
And hard to find again

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Superman Is Dead

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