Lirik Lagu Sindentosca Just Look At Me

Guys! I?m not a spy!
I?m not a guy with the longest tie
I?m the tiniest car
I?m a little bee
I?m a tiny guitar
I?m annoying flea
I?m the hay! Hay!

Guys! I?m not a spy!
Maybe my eyes tell another lie
But I?m not that leak to my story in mind
Tell a little to you
Tell a little to me
I?m the hay! Hay! Hay!

Just look at me! Then you can see
Just look at me! I?m a friendly bee
I?m not a spy. I didn?t lie
I?m not a spy. I?m the hay! Hay!

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Sindentosca

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