Lirik Lagu Pandji Pragiwaksono I Remember (feat. Matthew Sayersz)

Look at those face
Look at those eyes
Look at how ur lookin back at mine
Look at that smile look at that charm
Look at how proud im holdin ur arm

I remember when u werent mine
I use to imagine us holding hands all the time
I use to admire
I use to close my eyes coz when its dark, its easier to make believe on my mind now,

Now it seems i dont need to pretend
From when ur mine, i think i kinda slacked since then
Romance slipped and i forgot the days when
I use to give it all from day starts till it ends
Dont wanna take for granted
Dont let love apprehended
Im going to heaven i dont wanna be empty handed.
Lets reminisce and re-live the days when our love was so young and the fun never ends, come on

I remember everything about our love story.
You know its all about you and me and
I cant believe that we?re still in love even until now
Just because love, you and me will be happy together and forever baby

Look at me, i think im still the same dude
I might gain weight but i?ll still sing for you
I might need the help of autotune ?dududududududu?
Aint got no words, just the letter D and U
See i would dumb it down, dumb it down for you
But i know, yhou dont want that for me.
You want me to be me, and to be happy, well
Well thats exactly what i am baby.
Im workin hard, livin large, and sexy
But sexy aint nuthing physical for me. I aint sexy like Justin Timberlake?s sexy
Im more the type of Adam Sandler?s sexy. Im funny and you know i got brain in me.
And who taught me to use my brain like this?
Its you and i know, coz i remember this.. Come on


I remember everythin
I remember when we were Hardrockin
I remember you were so depending in result, i felt like i was worth to something
I remember i creeped in the morning

After i stayed up all night back and forthing
Sometimes security jerk would be hollering
So i guess i?ll see you in the morning..


di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Pandji Pragiwaksono

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