Lirik Lagu Maliq and D Essentials R U In D Mood 2

Don't be cruel baby
I just wanna chill baby
I'm not pushin just really gotta get in to you
Syuga c'mon baby girl c'mon c'mon
Syuga c'mon suite lady c'mon c'mon

Baby if I ask you number
Well Ithink I wanna holler at echa later
U baby I'm digging the way (U make me feel) R u in d mood
Would be ok girl if I take u somewhere
To a movie to a play
To my crib if it's ok

Just relax your self and calm
Anything you wanna be
Ain't no exclusivity
Tell me just what's on your mind
We can kick a little sumthin
Don't you worry about nothing
Uh can u feel it
Uh..uh can u tell me
What u wana do
So what u wanna do with me lady

Baby you know that I'm a queen
You should know how to fill me in
You can swing by and check out Inda fellas like MALIQ&D in your stereo

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Maliq and D Essentials

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