Lirik Lagu Java Jive Loneliness

When I'm feeling lonely
I always thinking of you
Thouht I try hard to get you out of my mind
But you always there ...

I wish I could hold you know
But only shadow of you keep hounting me
Loneliness .....
Says much more than a thousand words ever say

How could I be such a fool without you
I'm so confuse to know what's a clue

I don't want it end this way livin' in a loneliness

Sometimes I want to hold you in my arms again
Sometimes I need time to live my live alone
I'm so confuse to make sure what I really want
I don't want it end this way
Just don't let it end this way
Livin' ..... in a loneliness

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Java Jive

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