Lirik Lagu Guruh Sukarno Putra To My Friend On Legian Beach

I'm the hippie
The afro-wig
At home
While homeless
The blowing ocean wind
My cap
Under bali's sun the birds song
My breakfast in the banjar
After the night on a pillow of sand

I'm the bridegroom on nature's hinterland
Talking in native tongue
On nepal's peaks
In the alleys of sosrowijayan

Singing the white song
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
Uh ... Welcome!
Hippies of all continents!

To be a sack is all i need
Maybe a batik shirt
Or not event that!

I greet you before you depart for Antartica
Or just the nearest inn

Hitch hiking monsson
Witch wings of conquering feet
Crossing the myriad archipelagos under the moon

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Guruh Sukarno Putra

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