Lirik Lagu GMB Band Life Is Calling

I can see it in your eyes
You don't know what life's about
So listen well
For I will tell

Life is calling out
So what's it gonna be
He's calling out
So wake up, get up
Life is calling out
Don't waste it on your fears
He's calling out
Can't you hear Him calling

He's the way, the truth, and life
And He came down to gave His life
So you might live
Yeah you might live

I'm not here to judge your life
I just want you to realize
That He's the way, the truth, and life
His sacrifice is the ultimate price
So won't you listen and listen well
Jesus Christ is the one and only life

Open up your heart and let Him in
Can't you hear Him calling out your name

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : GMB Band

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