Lirik Lagu Fariz RM Dane

Dane...those years are waiting
For you there with so many promises
And glittered chance
It's beautiful but you should beware
Sacrifice between survive
The way they feel today

Dane... Your age will race
The time of day
I can feel the happiness
Deep down your light blue eye
Oh...sweet dane
Your parents love
Will always care
The way you feel today

Sing me a song
It's been too long
Am i go wrong
Girl i've been missing you
Walk behind those memories
Just like i feel today

Dane ...this life means more
And more to see
And the secret major culture
Burn to history

Oh...don't you be
A foolish blind
And slave of mind
The way they feel today

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Fariz RM

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