Lirik Lagu Anggun C. Sasmi Surrender

Been turning around and play some foolish games
I let the fire but I didn't keep the flame
Looking back to see they're all the same
Until the day I said your name

Wounds in my heart can show the price of bad
I have said enough many times
And called it a day
Maybe I should let you go away
Just get to make you stay

Something in your eyes
Makes me realize
That I will have to surrender
My heart's rolling fast
And I lost in lust
Hands up I, I surrender
I surrender to life

Never felt anything like this before
It's like all the road I took
Will leading me to your door
When I couldn't give anything anymore
It's you I was looking for


I don't know if forever can be mine
But whenever I'm with you
I want to take that chance

di Populerkan Oleh Penyanyi / Group Band : Anggun C. Sasmi

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